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The Computer Repair Center and STG CompuCare, located in Deltona, Fl,  offers an array of reliable, cutting edge computers, laptops and servers designed to meet your every need and budget.  We also provide local computer repair services for the home and for your business to ensure your computers are always working when you need them the most.  Whether you’re looking for a business, student, or gaming computer or laptop, we got the right computer or server at the right price!   When it comes to computers, we can help you customize your computer and laptop to the smallest of details to ensure it fits all of your current and future needs.  We will build a system to your requirements and only put in the best parts.  All of our computers come with a great warranty so you won’t have to spend extra money on expensive extended warranties. Our computers and laptops come with over $500 worth of software, so there is no need to spend any extra on things that your computer should already do out of the box.  We understand your computer information is important, so in addition to the great software suite, they have a complete security package that will protect your computer information from unwanted guests.   There is no worries with our security on your PC or better yet, having to buy 90 days into your computer purchase an antivirus.  Our computers and laptops have it all! Our servers are built or ordered to specifications dictated by you or your business needs.  We can not only get you the best server for the best price  available but also manage your server with certified professionals to ensure it keep running with little to no downtime.  Are servers are Intel based and can fit any budget or need.  If you’re not sure what you need, we have systems architects that can determine what best course of action to take with your business server needs. If you already own a computer or laptop, we repair all computers laptops and servers, from Dell to Hewlett Packard, to Toshiba and ThinkPad laptops.  You can drop by our location or we can service your computer at home or business; no driving to crowded shops, no shipping your computer anywhere where it can get further damaged or lost, and better yet, having to dismantle it.  We come to your place and fix it right there where you’ve always had your computer, at your desk!  We also guarantee that your computer repair will be done within 24 hours*!  No one can offer that!   For all your computing needs, remember, the Computer Repair Center and STG CompuCare has it all!   Hablamos Español!
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