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HONEST, EXPERIENCED, RELIABLE COMPUTER REPAIR  AND SERVER AND PC MANAGEMENT SERVICE We offer an array of reliable, cutting edge computer repair services designed to meet your everyday and business needs.  Our system services will ensure that your computers are properly repaired, maintained and improved with only the best techniques and components available today. We support all Microsoft® operating systems and networking products.  We design and implement new and existing networks. We also service a wider array of computer equipment than any firm in the Volusia County area and beyond.  We do repairs on all PC, Laptop and Server brand models.  Companies with more than three components of equipment are eligible for our CompuCare management services. Why scramble for help when your equipment fails. When high-tech help is needed, you can rest assured that the highly skilled professionals of The Computer Repair Center and CompuCare  can handle all your problems.  We can manage all of your systems, PC’s and servers 24/7 a week.  We don’t believe in downtime and you shouldn’t either! The Computer Repair Center and CompuCare offers full service and support for thousands of computer products, including systems from IBM, HP-Compaq, Dell, Canon, Gateway, E-Machines, 'No-Name' clones, Gaming PC's, Servers and much more. Customers have the convenience and cost-efficiency by dealing with one vendor for all of their information technology products. Whether a computer upgrade or computer repair is needed, we do it all.  Our research team can identify most product's origin - with or without a brand names! It is no wonder so many customers call us the best in the repair business in the Volusia County! Hablamos Español 
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